The Energy4all Foundation

Promoting small-scale energy supplies in third world countries, and all that implies for the standing directly or indirectly related or may be conducive thereto. In the broadest sense of the word.

The foundation seeks to achieve its goals

  1. The vest stretch or obtaining funds
  2. Developing energy supply concepts\
  3. Providing expert and / or expertise in the field of small-scale energy at national and international level

Corporate Social Responsibility

Energy4All brings together social responsible organizations which provide financial resources and knowledge to its projects. These are companies looking for a meaningful interpretation of their CSR policy, but also Non-Governmental Organizations and governments who are just looking for sustainable solution using local entrepreneurship. Currently, Essent and Rabobank are providing the funds for the foundation in order to achieve the foundations objectives.

NICE start

The foundation is helping to develop the concept NICE (Next-door Internet, Communication and Education). These centers operate in the local community and run on solar energy. The first NICE centers have proven to be successful which is why four new centers will start operations in Gambia this year. In the coming year NICE focuses on starting operations in a new country. The concept of NICE is robust and replicable so it can be extended to other areas. For further growth investments are needed and new partners are always welcome.

The Energy4all policy plan is available upon request. Please use the form under the tab ‘Contact’.