NICE stands for “Next-door Internet, Communication and Education”. NICE International implements the NICE centers based on renewable energy.

NICE coordinates the international activities from the Netherlands. The NICE centers are run in Africa run and from the country organization further expanded.

Macha Works

The organisation “Macha Works” is active in an rural isolated community in Zambia named Macha. Consistent and sustainable energy supply will enable new medical, educational, agricultural and entrepreneurial solutions that the community needs to go for the next step of development. Within the area of Macha, less than 5% of the available land is used, mainly for small scale agricultural purposes. The owner of the mission compound (bishop) has asked Macha Works for support to develop the existing and non used part of the mission compound for the Jatropha plantation.

What we want to achieve

Through NICE we realize affordable Internet access and opportunities for the poorest people to develop. There are also opportunities for local entrepreneurs to manage some NICE centers facilitated by the franchise concept.

Because the NICE centers are robust and easily replicable, more and more people in developing countries can learn about them.