Care House for HIV/AIDS patients opened its doors in Macha

The Care House opened it’s doors in January 2011 in Macha. Within the Care House a group of medical professionals support Aids and other patients that are dismissed from the hospital but not yet strong enough to go home. Different groups of patients will get access to medical coaches and participate in workshops how to live with the disease within difficult circumstances. 50 people have already volunteered to help. The project of building the Care house started in November 2007 when the Vision Community Center burned down. The community decided to rebuild the community center in a different location but to also rebuild this house. Due to various reasons (general shortage of building materials, exchange rate fluctuations, death of president of Zambia) it became difficult to acquire the building materials within the proposed budget for the new Care House. The timing to start re-building the new facility was delayed. In September 2008 Macha Works Zambia decided that it was going to be impossible to finalise the building before the upcoming rain season. Because of financial and planning reasons the team decided to delay the building process till after the rain season (March 2009). The construction works lasted from October 2008 till July 2010 where the last bits were finalized.

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